Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Father’s Prerogative

So I sit here viewing a photo
a good friend took of our elder son
giving a toast at the wedding of
our son younger, the elder so poised, 
with his wonderful wife looking on
smiling, as if her husband had just 
made a humorous remark so bright
as to put the whole party at ease, 
and so it was, as I remember.

I do remember, as though it were
yesterday, how proud I was of both
boys, by then grown men in need of no
influence I might have on either, . . .
evermore.  The heart is here still too 
full to recall the event with coarse
objectivity and that, too, proves
a mighty gift, for I feel I am
at the end of a tale worth telling:

Still sitting, looking at the picture
years after the event now in mind, 
the tears doth flow here like a river
of living waters, leaving behind
such solace no father doth deserve.

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