Friday, July 24, 2015

Resist Not, Other

We appear to come 
into this world quite 
oblivious to other,

all being but an 
extension of one 
self, insofar seen.

By the time we are 
five we know too well,
the world is either

for or against, so
we say yes or no,
in accord . . . our love.

We all love something
if it’s but the bit
that’s going our way.

If we will start there,
we might then see, what’s 
not aligned with us

proves the very path
to our freedom from
wanting the other

to be just like us,
not only twine, twin . . .
when, to love other

we must love our self.
Then, only then, we 
doth know . . . twoless Self.

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