Thursday, July 2, 2015

Vatic Say of Goldstone

The ancients of yore
well knew, often said,
gold has no more worth
than stone, stone no less
than gold.  So doth earth 
speak her goldstone lore.

The uprights have made
their nest, now they lie 
in me . . . I need them
not in the least, though
they need me for all.

I depend on them 
for nothing, while they
take from me what they
require . . . and then some.
Has their brain grown too 
big for their bodies?

They have worked it out
that they arose from
the great apes, and yet
more seems the pity.
Still, I do love them . . .
to the very end

of time, here in me.
With or without them,
I must confess it . . .
afore them I knew
only the timeless 
bliss, Lord Now’s goldstone.

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