Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Self Interview

Once, my ego asked my self
how I make poems; and why:
“for god’s sake,” it stressed, then sighed.

I have no special wisdom
of the art . . . but of the act
I did speak direct and plain.

“I listen for things speaking
then put what I hear them say
in words certain—for God’s sake.”

Now that sounds about right . . . if 
it be understood as non-
conceptualizing thought:

awareness empty, no source;
a mind empty, no concept;
action empty, not a trace.

Words certain show uprightness,
as with a direct gesture
pointing a way to go, grow.

The very strength of a word 
certain doth set free the beast 
uncertain, less than upright.

The uprighters make poems,
music, all manner of art,
and laws for the sake of all.

Any uprighter worthy
of the name knows, art is too 
diaphanous for ego. 

Which divides art from art naught.

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