Friday, April 10, 2015

All One, One for All

Homo sapiens be in a pickle.
We upright beasts are facing a  heap of 
hardship and eventual extinction—or so it appears.

Witness: there are too many of us at 
any one time, on a spaceship that’s
more like a hot potato heating up.

D-day is coming when each of us has 
a smartphone that can be linked to any
WMD to match our ADD.

So it may appear.  On the other hand,
did you see the game between the Barons
of Birmingham and BSC Panthers?

At first blush it looked like a rout, and yet
what potential those youngsters did show when
confronted by insurmountable odds.

That is what the future is all about,
our latent capacity to grow up,
and we are moving in that direction.

We can wake up and make peace with ourselves
or end it all tomorrow.  Either way
the heavens are full of experiments.

Still the true solace is not in knowing
the cosmos does not depend just on us;
it is in seeing the true face of That 

Which alone is, yet is never lonely.

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