Wednesday, April 8, 2015

St John’s Gospel, A Riddling Point of View

Once upon a time I gave to my sister a riddle,
“If God made the world, what made God? “ 
To which she did reply,

“God is Love Unborn, always forever 
in the world but before it, and not of it.”
I pressed her, “So where is Love?”

She gave me back a riddle,
“Without Love, nothing you see could ever be, 
but you will never see Love, just its sign.”

Whereupon she hugged me nigh unto her.

Today, sixty years after,
I recall sister’s riddling 
response to my cleverness
whenever I see people 
who seem to love each other
shamed by others for sharing 
very Love.  My heart screams out,

Fret not, for you are so loved, as the world.

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