Wednesday, April 29, 2015

From Me to We to All

We all begin as a me—
self-centered, ego-manic.

Barring some sticky wicket
“me” evolves to embrace “we.”

From being bare, unsocial,
we grow to care, some, craving 

not-me . . . our family, faith, 
race, country, corporate tribe.

Most of us do get stuck there, . . .
leaving our blood, sweat and tears

there.  But a few, not so rare, 
enlace the expansive all

of be-ing, bearing witness
to the emptiness of yore.

These cling not, not even to 
not-clinging, by relaxing,

dying to own self-being
afore their allotted time.

Then they call all to follow 
some practice of the presence.

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