Thursday, April 2, 2015

What Monk Poems Are

Monk poems are contemplative in origin.  
They arise from persistent focus and 
consistent intent then issue in some 
nonresistant notice relative to 
matters of spirit correlation.

They are sutra-like in their making, at best 
rendering concise but comprehensive, 
if cryptic, sayings with content certain, 
when integrally understood by those 
concerned with spirit.

As such monk poems point to the monkhood
of us all, our best self.  The monk within us all 
is the best self of each striving to be 
free, so faithful as to be able to face all 
with clarity: compassion: charity. 

Best self is tested each day by the spur of 
every moment calling us to accept with grace 
whatever rises, no matter the turn of events.  
The best self, if not perfect, is always 
on the way to perfection.

the pit
the soul
a light
the dark

Monk self accepts itself as it is, as it is not.

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