Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sleep Wordiness

Once upon a time I slept 
eight hours a day, so a third 
of life got spent unconscious.

Even in daylight I walked 
around unaware, just like
a corpse . . . but I was moving.

At some point in time I slept 
a mite less.  Even when I
got to bed I would not sleep

soundly for nightly heartburn,
a few trips to the toilet,
little words begging to be.

The time came when I did deign
to sleep on my left side and
the acid reflux vanished.

With the Kegel exercise
I suppressed the bladder’s need
to be relieved at bedtime.

Still, no matter what I try,
the little words persist in
having a mind all their own.

They appear in my sleep and
pellucid dreaming serves but
to bless their rage for order.

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