Thursday, April 30, 2015

Practicing Presence

To empty your mind 
of all contrivance
get your body still
then will to want not
a thing in the world
but the world thou art 
when you let go that
self you seem to be
yet are not apart 
from what not, thou art.

Leave your mind alone
but look while it weaves
its web of worry
and flurry and want.
Keep thy focus still,
thy intent composed,
then relax in thy
repose.  Resist not
your wobbly focus
or your tired intent.

Accept whatever
your mind may offer
except the one pose
that will do you in:
sleeping at the wheel.
Thou must be present
to practice presence,
constantly aware—
whether awake or
asleep or dreaming.

When you see you are
sleeping at the wheel—
not at one with what
be arising—just
return to practice . . .
which does not make you
what thou art always
already, but is required
by your forgetting
who thou truly art.

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