Saturday, May 2, 2015


Global warming comes mainly from carbon 
dioxide rising in our atmosphere.

Life on Earth as we enjoy it today
is sustainable at levels below 

350 parts per million and
we are now above 401.

The galvanizing news of that is this,
no one will escape tomorrow’s outcome.

Science would sober us up if profit 
drinkers were not such oil-a-holics.

The only hope is for the rest of us
to stage a capital intervention.

Perhaps we are too late . . . so perhaps not.

"The science is sobering—
the global temperature in 
2012 was among the hottest 
since records began in 1880.  
Make no mistake: without 
concerted action, the very 
future of our planet is in peril."

~ Christine Lagarde, Managing Director 
International Monetary Fund

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