Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Grand Actor

Spirit is like an actor . . . 
with the finest of finesse

able to play any role
without getting caught at it.

She is the one and only
Meryl Streep of the World Stage.

She seeps through the scenery
in every line of script.

Each word oozes her presence
no matter how trivial

in appearance, or gross and
ghastly the role being played.

Spirit plays every role . . .
that ever was played or what

ever will be played, being
so versatile, vivacious,

even in the role of such
an ugly soul as . . . the mole.

While she performs ev’ry act
you will never see her act.

But in the role of you, you
catch a glimpse, her grand beauty 

when you go missing . . . then, and 
only then, she comes kissing.

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