Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ever-present Presence

This morning I awakened 
with love all around, aware.

Afore I say more let me
make myself perfectly clear.

I waked up this morning with
not a thing in my world changed

worth reporting: same bed, lamp,
desk, chair, shelf, books, fan whirring.

All things sane, insane, quite same
in my world.  Yet here is this:

My point of view was askew
from when I did go to sleep.

I no more was in the world, 
the world proved to be . . . in me.

Then, one more evident change,
I proved to be no lone me.

Because the One, the Only 
loomed there aware, lovingly,

all around: every where,
all the while: every when.

All ordinary, quite plain, 
not a thing to be explained,

only a thing to be done—
dedicate a life to love . . .

perfect a love for other, 
distinct, yet never discrete.

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