Friday, May 15, 2015

A Spirit Glitch

I go to make a sandwich
of tomatoes, fresh spinach,
mustard,—all on oatmeal bread.

I start to brush mustard on 
the bread but knock with my knife 
the jar lid, propelling it 

across the countertop on
its way to the kitchen floor . . .
but before it gets to ground 

I grab for the lid, it lands 
squarely in my hands.  I think:
is this luck, or sign of fine

eye-hand coordination 
for an old foolish man, or
a blessing in the spirit?

Later in the day, after
mowing the lawn, I turn to
laundry.  While taking the lid

off the detergent bottle,
I drop the top and it rolls
ten meters away.  As I 

go to pick up the lid, I
notice liquid dripping down
my trousers—which need washing

now, so in the wash they go.
My earlier quandary  
returns.  Before I return,

I feel this churning . . . chiming, 
Grace is all, in all, for all 
embodying spirit’s heart.

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