Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Welcome to the Deep Humdrum

Saying the unsayable 
may, alas, seem meaningless . . .

too abstract from the living
waters of experience . . .

too far removed from feeling
as to seem too out of touch 

with people’s intuitive
sensibilities, and yet . . .

an art worthwhile takes practice
on the part of the artist

as well as the critic of
the art, and monkpoetry

is no exception.  Still, it
means the read has to be as 

still as the wording, awake
constantly to the constant

drumming of the humming drum
at the deep end of a wake.

So long as we insist on
remaining in time and space

so to confine our notice
to the empirical world,

we shall fail the radical 
empiric: Feeling Be-ing.

Notice just what is, what's not.

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