Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I, i

Buddha mind, the mind of Christ—
each bespeaks transcendence of 
own self being, the self i 
see in the mirror yonder.

In both the door be ajar
to awakening, though what
is said may vary greatly . . . 
because language is a trap.

Reading historic reports
will sure confuse the dickens
out of me till i know well 
what the hell i am reading.

But leave me the hell alone
till i awaken, then I
will tell i what’s what, what’s not,
using words from any faith.

There is, to be sure, a self
for each person on planet
Earth, but every one can
awaken to the one Self

that alone be Spirit, known
by any and all who risk
losing the i for the sake
of I, and every i.

That which is ever present
cannot therefore be attained
because it can never be
lost, being Ever Present.

There is nothing outside of
I, no i other than I . . .
yet so claiming, you could be 
asked to leave Alabama.

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