Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Only

I only make poems with
things of interest and that
presents a problem: what’s not?

I only make poems by
counting syllables and that
presents a problem: miscount!

Things arrive by the senses,
endlessly.  Syllables pop 
into mind by word, vowel 

by vowel without stopping.
So I and I only can
halt the train by period.

I’ve made ten thousand poems
without periods.  What’s worse, 
any line with “every” 

will be short one syllable,
as I have been counting it
as ev-er-y, not eve-ry.

Adding future periods
may make the poems I make
more interesting, and yet . . .

I’ll not be holding the breath.
As for those pesky eve-ry’s, 
I’d be breathless to change them.

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