Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Out & About, Not

Sabbath mornings are good for 
walking.  There’s not a lot of
traffic, so the silence soothes
the skin & bone, nerves & soul.

So out walking the old man 
feels the whole world rising in 
him, everything face to face:
road, sky, all between, beyond.

In deed there be no in, out; 
nothing between or beyond—
only one verse singing through 
birdsong that is deafening.

At once, everything rises
saturated with the hush. 
He witnesses it all with 
a relaxed mind that’s empty.

As if no mind to speak of
but a feeling of being 
awake, aware of it all . . .
like the bug creeping across 

the path, lit up by bright sun 
showering all with a gleam 
of glory . . . runners running, 
walkers walking, all upright. 

A dog barks at the old man 
witnessing, and the upright 
holding the leash says, Sorry, 
and he says, Nothing happened. 

Clearly visible, the old man’s not there.

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