Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Headless Way

Today I wore a tee-shirt
from Tin Roof Cafe, that’s in
Villa Rica, Georgia (USA).

On the front is the name of 
the restaurant and then,
Good food.  Nice people. 

On the back in caps, it reads
Save the planet. 
It’s the only one with

banana pudding.
Underneath is the billing:
Breakfast.  Lunch.  Killer Desserts.

So speaking of beheadings—
another way these days to 
die—I am reminded of

D.E. Harding’s headless way,
from a book of that title
read many years ago now.

You will find the headless way 
demonstrated online in
a series of experiments

at headless.org — which points 
to unity consciousness, 
a most practical main course.

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