Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What Are We?

We are a story: each one
has one, of more than one self.

Say the who you come in on
by a birth certificate.

Say the who you go out with
by a death certificate.

Say all the who’s in between 
arising incessantly.

Then there’s what you are afore
coming in and going out—

all that is, was and will be
in the guise of a heartbeat:

unbegotten, undying
primordial awareness,

the Ancient of Days, the Tao,
Brahman, Ein Sof, Emptiness,

Christ Consciousness, Allah . . . so
many names, even more frames.

Any name for the Nameless
evokes more than words can say

and yet . . . simple feeling of 
be-ing is available

to any whose monkish self
will rise to wrestle water

till witnessing what you are 
and also what you are not.

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