Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Transgender Right to Love

Some things are so obvious
they prevail over the weight
of words.  The right to love your
self, or other, is just such.

The matter is now settled
for all homosexuals:
the right to love is at last
the very law of our land.

And yet the right doth run deep,
being not alone about 
acceptance, rather also
one’s gender identity.

How dare we tell another, 
you are this, not the other,
when the whole truth is inside,
asking humbly to be free?

Does this not apply to us
all as a birthright, without
regard for biology
if the rub . . . is the psyche?

If a small child seems confused
about gender, we all need
to take a breath and notice,
the confusion may be ours.

After all, if God does not 
make mistakes, we must listen
for Her will between the lines, 
not judge from our own blind grief. 

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