Sunday, June 21, 2015

Imago Dei

If you read any bible
from any old tradition
you will find there the saying,
No one can see God and live.  

For the One seeing God is
but God seeing Self, writ large,
so Self seeing God is not 
our ego self: that must wane.

Thus mindful, Meister Eckhart 
did well say, the eye by which 
God sees us, is the same eye 
by which we (rightly) see God.

After him, Brother Lawrence 
practiced presence of God by
living in the world as if
but he and God existed.

Living otherwise is sin,
as if everything were both 
distinct: individual,
and discrete, separated.

But the old traditions teach
that our distinction is our
unique view, while our being’s 
inseparable from God.

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